How to Record Music Streaming


You are streaming music, for example from some web-radio.
You want to record that music in .mp3 to listen to your songs also while you are offline
(be sure you are not violating any copyright).


  1. Open the Firefox Cache (just writing about:cache in the address line of Firefox).
  2. Select Disk Cache Device>List Cache Entries.
  3. Click on the top entry (that one should be the stream you just listened).
  4. You are redirected to a page named Cache entry information.
  5. Press the link on the key.
  6. Go to File>Save Page As… and save the stream as .mp3.

Alternative Solution

  1. Download and Install the MediaStealer add-on for Firefox. This add-on will record the streaming.
  2. After the installation a blue button should appear in the menu bar of Firefox.
  3. Toggle the button and a frame should appear at the bottom of Firefox: that frame is MediaStealer.
  4. Go to the website from which you wish to download the music.
  5. Start the streaming: in the MediaStealer frame, a line will appear with a long file name (the name of your .mp3 in the hard drive) and a status saying Progress: “Transferring”.
  6. When the status is Progress: “Finished” you can retrieve your .mp3 file with the very long name from the Download Directory (normally your home directory). You can change this directory by selecting “Options” from the MediaStealer frame.


Tried on:

Linux Ubuntu 12.10
Firefox 18.0.1

Other questions that could be solved by this solution

  • How can I listen to streaming music offline?
  • Can a music streaming be recorded?

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