Import a .gpx file into Google Maps for Android


You have a .gpx file showing a GPS route. Maybe you downloaded the .gpx file from the bikemap website.
You want to see this route in Google Maps for Android, in order to follow the route while you bike or walk.

Solution 1

  1. Move the .gpx file from your PC to the mobile, for example using the Bluetooth application of your PC. Be sure that your mobile can be reached by the PC, by clicking Settings>Wireless and Networks>BlueTooth, and then selecting the checkbox “Reachable”.
  2. Your file will be transferred in a folder named “bluetooth”, which you can reach by selecting Applications>Archive or any other file manager you are using.
  3. Use the Google Play application of your mobile to download and install MyTracks for Android. This is the application we will use to visualise the map.
  4. Go to Applications>Archive and create a new folder named “MyTracks” (if the folder does not exist).
  5. Click into the folder you just created and create a new folder named “gpx” (if the folder does not exist).
  6. Move the .gpx file that is in the “bluetooth” folder (Applications>Archive>bluetooth) to the folder “gpx” you just created. To do this, just press on the .gpx file name, select Move and navigate the Archive until you find the “MyTracks\gpx” folder (the actual position of the folder in the file system is /mnt/sdcard/MyTracks/gpx).
  7. Now open the MyTracks application (go to Applications>MyTracks), press the option menu (by clicking the bottom-left icon of your mobile) and select “Import from External Memory”.
  8. Your map should be loaded now. To see it, just click the icon of the man on top of the screen (No man icon on the screen? See the Notes section for a possible solution).


I have tried this procedure on:

Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-I9001)
Android Gingerbread 2.3.5

The procedure did not work? A possible solution:

MyTracks uses gpx tracks, which are sintactically  different from gpx routes. If you inspect the gpx file with a text editor you can find out if you downloaded a gpx track or a gpx route:

Routes have the form: rtept lat=”56.334890″ lon=”-2.935210″
Track have the form: trkpt lat=”56.319780″ lon=”-2.945440″

In case you downloaded a gpx route, you can easily convert it into a track by replacing all the “rte” with “trk”.

Thanks to Alastair Stevenson and Jez for the problem and the solution.

Solution 2 (Credits: Alastair Stevenson and ThanosPap)

  1. Download Maverick for Android
  2. Make a track with Google Earth (see here for a tutorial)
  3. Save the track as a .kml file
  4. Move the track to your mobile in sdcard/Maverick/tracks
  5. Now you should be able to see your map in Maverick

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